Beekeeping courses for every experience level

  • Basic Beekeeping

    Everything you need to know to get started in beekeeping and be successful in keeping healthy bees in Ontario

  • Advanced Skills

    Take your beekeeping to the next level with advanced integrated pest management techniques, queen rearing and bee breeding

  • Training for Veterinarians

    Basic beekeeping and antimicrobial training for veterinarians in Ontario who are new to the beekeeping industry

Course features

These online courses are based on the popular live training sessions offered by the Ontario Beekeepers' Association Technology Transfer Program (TTP). The online modules take you through various aspects of beekeeping with the aim of making sure graduates are ready for the beeyard with the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful in keeping healthy bees in Ontario. Participants will navigate and learn from compelling and intuitive online courses.

  • Easy to follow sections that cover topics in logical order

  • Students have 90 days to complete the course at their own pace

  • Text, picture, and videos are used to reinforce points and enhance communication

  • Quizzes are provided to test your knowledge

  • All students receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course

  • Live support from TTP members